We build &
nurture startups.

Hexnture builds an environment that focuses on creating flourishing startups within the real estate vertical in the MENA region.

Vibes that make your
creativity prosper

Our diverse talents collaborate to create disruptive ideas, develop them, and then turn those ideas into amazing products and startups from the ground up.

The Idea Factory

Because creative environments yield exceptional ideas, we ensure that an idea is fostered from its conception phase, until it can unlock its full potential by becoming a great product. Our team has developed a pipeline that each newly-generated idea has to go through.



Big ventures start as


Our environment encourages ideas generation using different sourcing methodologies. A stand-alone idea will start making an impact once it fully completes the ideation process.


Build & Selection

With our builders’ magic, ideas turn into MVP’s


A Proof of Concept [PoC] is developed for some of the ideas previously generated. Teams such as product design and the development house collaborate to pass this stage. Only quality ideas come out of this phase. If an idea is thought to not have great potential, it is discarded.



Early venture signs


The objective of the validation phase is mainly about checking out if a product/startup would provide data that signals the scalability of its core value propositions.


Spin-off & Support

Where builders sail the venture into scalability


When an idea shows signs of success and market-fit, the venture builder aids and prepares the growth of the venture for independence and spin-off. The venture builder then re-iterates the process, and a new batch of ideas is then introduced to the validation phase.

Our Ventures

We hand craft our products, with the human experience in mind.


Our heroes don’t wear capes, they wear the Hexnture badge

Our talented team complement each other to create a distinct footprint in every product.

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